RESTful interface to AEKOS data


This is where all technical details can be found: resources (URLs), request and response models, query string parameters and headers. All of it! You can also see examples of how this API is intended to use used.

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The documentation covers all the details about what the API is, the examples are about how to bring the pieces together. See some basic web clients for the API that show how the different resources are intended to be tied together. Be sure to view the source of the pages and break out the debugger for maximum value.

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Source Code

All the code for this API is open source on GitHub: adelaideecoinformatics/aekos-api. We're happy to accept PRs for changes. If it's a large change, contact us first to discuss it. You may also require a copy of the data that backs the API to develop against, which we can arrange.

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You have a few options when it comes to keeping up with new releases of the API. You can view (and follow the RSS/Atom feed of) the GitHub releases. Alternatively, we publish feeds here too: RSS or Atom.

Contact Us

If you have a query related to the API, you can contact us at

If you have a more general query about AEKOS you can find the details at

You can also find us on Twitter as @TERN_AEKOS.